Standard 10 Data and Records

Compiles, maintains, manages, and reports quality data and information in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and/or standards. The program maintains complete, accurate, and current case records and volunteer files.


  • Operational procedures for data collection tool or software
  • Confidentiality policies concerning electronic data and information sharing via electronic media. Case records include documentation consistent with elements listed in Standard 10.A.2
  • Child and case records per Standard 10.B
  • Court reports and correspondence
  • Date and reason for case closure documented in the case file
  • Written operational procedures, consistent with legal requirements, and with the policy on confidential information, governing the retention, maintenance, protection, destruction and return of case files when the case is closed
  • Procedures for the legal and programmatic release, in writing, of volunteers when a case is closed or when a volunteer is removed from a case (This may be included in Volunteer Policies and Procedures or Operational Procedures)
  • Board minutes reflecting review and/or updates to required plans and policies included in this standard


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