Standard 4 Ethical Conduct and Confidentiality

Upholds the credibility, integrity, dignity, and reliability of CASA advocacy by conducting all interactions in an honest, fair, respectful, and compassionate manner. The program incorporates policies and practices to avoid conflicts of interest and preserve confidentiality.


  • Conflict of Interest Policy with proof and date of governing board approval
  • Signed, dated Conflict of Interest Policy, Statement or Agreement for each staff person, paid consultants and governing board members
  • Confidentiality Policy with proof and date of adoption by the governing board
  • Release of Information Policy/Protocol (This may be included in the Confidentiality Policy
  • Signed, dated Confidentiality Policy, Oath, or Agreement from each volunteer, staff person and governing board member
  • Policy for the protection of non-case information (This may be combined with or included in Confidentiality Policy or Records Retention Policy)
  • Board minutes reflecting review of and/or updates to required plans and policies included in this standard

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