Standard 7 Human Resources

Follows written policies for recruiting, screening, training, supervising, evaluating, and developing staff from diverse backgrounds in an equitable and inclusive environment that advances the CASA mission.

  • Human Resources Policies, Manual or Handbook
    • Human resources practices
    • Working conditions
    • Wage policies and benefits, as applicable
    • Insurance protection
    • Required and supplemental training, and development opportunities
    • Social Media Policy
    • Policy requiring all staff and contract workers to disclose any paid employment, contract work, volunteer service, or membership on a board of directors that might present a conflict of interest
    • Whistleblower policy
  • Signed, dated acknowledgment of receiving Human Resources Policies from each staff person
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy (These may be included in Human Resources Policies; see also Standard 5 above.)
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy (These may be included in Human Resources Policies; see also Standard 5 above.)
  • Anti-Harassment Policy (These may be included in Human Resources Policies; see also Standard 5 above.)
  • Human Resources Policies or Operational Policies (see above) include procedures for staff grievances and appeals unless prohibited by law
    Complaints, investigations and responses are documented and kept separate from main Human Resources file for each staff person.
  • Human Resources Policies include (see above) or separate Governance Policy that allows periodic participation by the executive director or delegate inthe governing body’s review of Human Resources Policies and for written notification to staff of any changes to the Human Resources Policies
  • Staff Recruitment Plan detailing the type and number of staff required to accomplish program goals and objectives (This may be included in Strategic Plan)
  • Documentation of background screening for each staff person as required in Standard 5.B
  • Current Succession Plan for key staff (“key” staff is determined by the program – Succession Plan for key staff may be reflected in Executive Director Succession Plan)
  • Job descriptions for each staff person or group of similar positions
  • Documentation of staff orientation
    • Staff orientation agenda, curriculum and/or materials
    • Attendance and/or completion dates
  • Documentation of employment start date and pre-service training completion date for executive directors and staff supervising volunteers
  • Professional Development Plan for staff (individually or as a group)
  • Documentation of continuing education and on-going training hours and content with dates of attendance and/or completion
  • If considering a peer coordinator model, written plan and timeline for implementation
  • If using a peer coordinator model
    • Written job description for the position of peer coordinator
    • Policy that requires a peer coordinator to participate in equivalent staff orientation, training and evaluation as paid staff
    • Plan for managing cases assigned to the peer coordinator in the event that the peer coordinator leaves or becomes unavailable
  • System for staff periodic evaluation(s) (This may be included in Human Resources Policies)
  • Staff performance evaluation form(s) (a copy of the blank form)
  • Dated signature sheets for each completed staff performance evaluation
  • Policies or procedures that specify conditions for disciplinary action and termination of employment, including violations of program policy and/or documented substandard performance. The program’s policies and procedures specify the person or persons with authority to implement disciplinary action(s) and/or terminate employment. (This may be included in Human Resources Policies)
  • Human Resources records as specified in Standard 7.G
  • Board minutes reflecting review and/or updates to required plans and policies included in this standard


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